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Thinking Jewellery Two

Wilhelm Lindemann & Theo Smeets (Eds.)

Thinking Jewellery Two is the second volume of the successful Thinking Jewellery series, continuing an indepth examination of the parallels between Fine Arts and artist jewellery with insightful texts by Theo Smeets, Olaf Müller, Wilhelm Lindemann, and Regine Prange. All contributions to Thinking Jewellery Two are based on lectures from the 2017 symposium of the same name at the Trier University of Applied Sciences/Campus Idar-Oberstein.


While the first volume of the Thinking Jewellery series focused on general questions regarding the cultural practices of adornment and jewellery design, Thinking Jewellery Two addresses more specific topics: Wilhelm Lindemann’s text examines the historical development of the crystalline, while Olaf Müller’s essay introduces Goethe’s works on physical phenomena linked to gemstones, and Regina Prange’s text analyses the sparkling world of Jeff Koons in relationship to Andy Warhol.




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