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Ockham Lectures Pocket Edition: Lost Gloves: A Theory of Left-handed Design

Mònica Gaspar

Established in 2020, the Ockham Lecture Pocket Edition series commissions a rich breadth of voices to write about ideas that matter for craft, design and architecture. It and the Pocket Series are supported by Objectspace's extraordinary lead partner, Ockham Residential.


Mònica Gaspar has been taking pictures of lost gloves and mittens that she has seen on the streets in different countries. It is a type of casual visual diary that accompanies her thoughts about the status of craft in today's world.

Lost gloves are very expressive: they greet, they stroke the wood of a public bench, shamelessly wave a middle finger, await a 'give me five' from the top of a wrought-iron fence, point in many directions or even seem to sleep. Hand gestures convey human emotions in a very effective way; and humans in turn vonvey a high emotional status to the hand, an idea which is very much embedded in the rhetoric of craft.





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