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Matua moe Tama: Weaving within Magafaoa

Tunaga Funaki and Salle Tamatoa

This publication extends ideas first developed in the exhibition Matua moe Tama, on display at Objectspace in 2021. Matua moe Tama is an intergenerational conversation between Salle Tamatoa and his grandmother Tunaga Funaki that illustrates the importance of magafaoa (family) through their respective weaving practices. 

Featuring text by Jess Pasisi, Toliain Makaola, and Inangaro Vakaafi, accompanied by an indepth conversation with Tunaga Funaki and Salle Tamatoa by Cora-Allan Wickliffe, this publication offers readers a vibrant backstage view of Niuean weaving in Aotearoa. Matua Moe Tama includes full colour exhibition documentation, and images of the artists weaving at home.





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