This workshop will enter the world of Madelon Vriesendorp, using her game ‘Critical Pursuit’ as a way to reveal our true natures, our deeper consciousness and test our ability to react to critical interpretation and analysis. 

Attendees will organise a series of small items in an arrangement of their choice, which will then reveal something about the mindset of the maker, to be discussed by the group. In this way we can start to recognise the symbolic references and psychological structures we all share, finding what is meaningful in the constantly changing theatre of the human mind.

Tessa Forde will facilitate this workshop as part of The Night School. This is the last of four Night School events taking place every Wednesday in April.


The Night School (TNS) is part of a practice-based doctoral research project at the Auckland University of Technology’s Huri te Ao - School of Future Environments. Because reflections on this event, photographs, and other recording tools used at this event may be included in the research and its outputs, attendees will need to read and sign an information sheet providing their voluntary consent, accessible here: Information for participants - The Night School (TNS)

All TNS events will adhere to the AUT ethical guidelines of partnership, protection and participation.