Detroit-based designer and artist matt lambert is interested in exploring the body’s potential to push the traditional preconceptions of jewellery and adornment. matt examines interactions between body and object that have the ability to blur the boundaries of design, craft, fashion, performance and fine art. It is in these queer [and/or] liminal spaces that these interactions gain their strength as a force that is yet to be fully explored for its potential as a terroristic act to westernised and colonial institutions. 

lambert presents body and body related objects approached through the vernacular of jewellery to create space for the viewer to question positionality, fixedness, and chimerism that goes beyond binary thinking. lambert collaborates with multimedia artists of a vast array of disciplines to reconfigure the current cultural systems of queerness and body politic while challenging the boundaries of craft.

By unpacking the witnessing of toxic intimacies and the embedded systems of oppression rooted into the geological strata of culture and land, lambert is interested in ways to disrupt and subvert these mechanisms through a chimerical practice of making, collaborating, writing and curating to create systems for platform building and methodologies to talk with and not at in regards to the othered body.

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matt lambert holds an MFA in Metalsmithing from Cranbrook Academy of Art and degrees in Psychology, Art History and American Studies from Wayne State University in Detroit Michigan and is currently an MA candidate at Warren Wilson College in Critical Craft Theory. 

Their work and research has been supported, collected and shown at venues internationally. lambert’s current research looks at fixity in relation to indigenous and other minority education structures to engage with western craft pedagogy and the relationship of craft to nation-state structure and nomadism. lambert is a contributor to Art Jewelry Forum, Metalsmith Magazine and Norwegian Craft. lambert is a 2020 Craft Curatorial Fellow with the Center for Craft in the US and a visiting artist at Australia National University in Canberra. 

matt lambert, We Have This

matt lambert, Loaded keep hitting our Jaws, collaborative work with Maret Anna Sara. Reindeer jaw bone and cord.