Led by architect and University of Auckland lecturer Mike Davis, Unit Y brings current students and new graduates to work in small teams on projects for community clients. As part of Making Ways Unit Y is pursuing the production of SML, a house by new graduate Ayla Raymond Roberts designed with a very small foot print but a generous sensibility. Come and join this discussion of new housing ideas to work within the existing Auckland suburbs.

This event is part of the Festival of Architecture. Book here.


Unit Y straddles the space between the office, the school and the market. Re-invigorating the idea of the ‘project office’, the firm employs an international model which operates by architectural offices used to operate out of architecture school. Positioning students and recent graduates at its core, Unit Y utilises and validates their skills and expertise to produce critical architectural content for a range of clients and presses toward the realisation of buildings.

Unit Y Iterations of SML, a small house project by graduate Ayla Raymond Roberts that Unit Y is working to realise