The exhibition Mark Work celebrates the joy of mark making in all its forms - stamping, brushing, smearing, rubbing, hammering, tracing. The ability to create through spontaneous and experimental action.

As part of Mark Work, Objectspace is hosting a rolling cast of tutors for a series of drawing sessions.

Mandy Flood’s session will involve fashioning your own customised drawing tool from a long stick and other materials. The length of the implement will place you at least two-arm lengths away from the drawing surface. This introduces an element of distance into the activity so that the familiarity of being seated while making art is removed resulting in a more experimental and less controlled mark making experience.

All materials will be provided. Sessions are 90 minutes long. Suitable for participants aged 10 and over.

Mandy Flood is a contemporary jeweller living in Auckland. Flood is fascinated by the aesthetics of decay and the beaty inherent in worn and transient objects. She is widely known for her innovative approach to enamelling. Mandy Flood is part of the celebrated Fingers Contemporary Gallery Collective. 

Brushes made by Mandy Flood