The exhibition Mark Work celebrates the joy of mark making in all its forms - stamping, brushing, smearing, rubbing, hammering, tracing. The ability to create through spontaneous and experimental action.

As part of Mark Work, Objectspace is hosting a rolling cast of tutors for a series of drawing sessions.

Julian Hooper has been experimenting with letter and number forms and the infinite ways in which they can be grouped, repeated and manipulated. 

For this session participants will design their own alphabet. They will be encouraged to bring their own ideas and images to incorporate with letterforms and work towards creating an alphabet using a common visual logic or set of rules. 

Participants can bring some imagery as a starting point. This could involve a favourite object, art genre, culture or design idea.

All materials will be provided. Sessions are 90 minutes long. Suitable for participants aged 12 years and over.

Julian Hooper’s paintings exploit the linear and graphic style of an ever-evolving drawing process involving language, lettering, graphic design, geometry, portraiture, and symbolism. He often favours a graphic construction over painterly nuance, using the reductive simplicity of drawing to make room for additions such as the physical properties of torn canvas. He makes objects that effect a kind of parody of painting, while also revealing a close connection to subject matter and communicating a range of experiences and conditions. Julian was born in Auckland, New Zealand, where he continues to live and work. He received a BFA from the University of Auckland 1989, and a MFA from RMIT, Melbourne in 1999.

Julian Hooper in his studio. Photograph by Samuel Hartnett.

Julian Hooper and Krystina Kaza's Studio. Photograph by Samuel Hartnett.