Join us for the launch of artist Hannah Beehre’s handbook, Drawing in Flow, a publication that documents Beehre’s research into the phenomenon of flow.

Part science, part pedagogy, part art history, what culminates is an entirely unique handbook that seeks to create a guide through mark making to unlocking some of the most fundamental roadblocks to creative expression. 

This celebration marks your first opportunity to pick up a copy of Drawing in Flow, which features and extends on Beehre's drawings exhibited in Mark Work, and the knowledge shared in Beehre's popular Ockham Lecture

Beehre writes of her research:

"We sense there is a better way to draw where we are uninhibited, but we don’t know how to let ourselves explore it. There is risk involved with the unfamiliar, the chance we will look silly. In this handbook I have tried to give you some kind of a map of the terrain. Perhaps seeing this will take care of some of your fears. I’ve left the access roads clearly marked."

Drawing in Flow – A Handbook by Hannah Beehre is designed by Alice Bonifant, printed by Spectrum Print and published by Objectspace. 


Hannah Beehre is an artist based in Ōtautahi Christchurch. Her achievements over twenty years of creative practice include being the recipient of the Olivia Spencer Bower Trust Award (2004), Artist in Residence at Scott Base, Antarctica (2012), and winner of the Parkin Drawing Prize (2016). Beehre completed a Master of Fine Arts in 2019 at the University of Canterbury. Her research addressed the peak performance neural state known as ‘Flow’ and its potential as a tool for drawing students. Beehre's work deals with ideas such as spirituality, scientific enquiry, nature and the sublime. Hannah Beehre is represented by Nadene Milne Gallery in Christchurch.

Cover design of Drawing in Flow – A Handbook by Hannah Beehre. Designed by Alice Bonifant.