Get aboard the Ceramics Safari coach tours – three Safaris over three weekends. Take in ceramics exhibitions and studios across the Central City (Safari 1), West (Safari 2), and North to East (Safari 3). The latter explores further afield and includes Pah Homestead’s Fire and Clay exhibition and the Malcolm Smith Gallery in Howick.  It’s a chance to meet and engage with ceramic artist, curators, ceramic experts, gallery dealers and like-minded company. Tours include lunch and afternoon tea, and Ceramics Safarians receive their own hand-made Festival mug to commemorate their intrepid clay journey.

Ceramic Safari 1 – Central City

Masterworks Gallery – John Roy: Wasted Days    Whitespace – Madeleine Child: Twig Pots Revisite
Objectspace – The Company of Potters
Two Rooms – Nichola Shanley: From Winter
Edge City – Chuck Joseph and Louise Rive: New Work
Anna Miles Gallery – Richard Stratton: Basalt Spumante

To book email  or phone 022 353 4903

Cost: $70 per tour