As part of Artweek and alongside over 20 galleries in the Ponsonby and Karangahape Road area, Objectspace will be open late for your viewing pleasure. 

Visit four current exhibitions: 

Cat Fooks, Laurie Steer, Moniek Schrijer and Micheal McCabe
Deadweight Loss: The Value of Making

Pete Bossley
Forty Years Drawn

Turumeke Harrington
Mahoranuiatea Looking Out in Every Direction

Mary-Louise Browne
Seeing is Believing

You can also join a walking tour, starting from Objectspace with two other stops in our neighhbourhood, Scott Lawrie and {Suite}.  

For more information on the walking tour or to sign up, visit the Artweek website.

Deadweight Loss: The Value of Making : Moniek Schrijer, Laurie Steer, Cat Fooks and Micheal McCabe. Image: Samuel Hartnett