We will be extending our opening hours for the first day that the exhibition is open and hosting live music for your lazy Saturday afternoon listening.

At the foothills of the Southern Alps in the late 1980s Peter King re-engineered a then outdated technology, developing a new way of ‘cutting’ audio into transparent polycarbonate plastic. 

Hospitality will be provided. With live performances by Richard Francis, The Opawa 45s and Old Chips. 

Richard Francis is a sound artist working with electronics and field recordings. For his appearance at Objectspace he will be trialing his newly-minted low key performance set up.

The Opawa 45s are an electric guitar-driven duo (Luke Wood and Luke Shaw) moving between long-form improvised soundscapes and wilfully misappropriated guitar standards from the middle of the 20th Century.

Old Chips is improvised ambient music performed by Amelia Berry. Amelia is also known for her work as a producer under the name Amamelia, and for bands Polyester, and Fimo.

In conjunction with I love Ponsonby, A Late Run is part of Art Week Auckland.

New Zealand lathe-cut records from the collection of Luke Wood. Image: Haru Sameshima.