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The Single Object At Home Edition: See a Thing From All Sides

Allow me to introduce the most recent love of my making life; the unassuming Frema - BW-35L banding wheel.

It’s a simple piece of equipment; placing a clay work-in-progress on the steel disc allows you to spin it in a full revolution, without shifting the work or your position.

Even pre-lockdown, the bulk of my making happened at home, in the living room of my flat. Now, in these odd housebound times, my work area hasn’t changed much, but the hours spent there have stretched out and become more expansive.

As piece after wobbly piece grows and turns on my banding wheel, I feel a guilty gratitude for the new slowness of my days, and more time spent in mud. Through moments of restlessness and disbelief, the smooth rotation of this object helps me sit still, keep making, and see a thing from all sides.    

Frema BW-35L banding wheel. Image: Becky Richards