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The Single Object At Home Edition: Bernette

Apologies in advance for the product placement. I'm just not sure that I've ever loved another object as much as this one. I (panic) bought this sewing machine last week to replace my last trusty Bernette that I'd bought for $20 at a dump shop about 10 years ago. I've always sewed. In my early 20s I earned money through university sewing jeans for friends, and friends of friends. 

Right now I'm having a hard time thinking about the big picture or the long term, but an hour a day sewing has brought me an indescribable comfort. This is no endorsement of the end product, my family might emerge from this all dressed in matching outfits. But boy, is it a reminder of the power of making. To commit to a small action however inconsequential it might be, to bigger pressing existential things - drawing, sharpening, chiselling, stitching, writing, throwing, etc...
 feels like an altogether humane and essential thing to do right now. 

This will be our focus at Objectspace for the next little while, to hone in on the detail, the little stuff. To celebrate small acts of making and of object loving, and to capture this in a truly extraordinary time of shared domestic life. Stay tuned and let's begin.

Jake and the Bernette