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Pledge to the Plinth

1-31 July

What’s all this about a plinth? 

When Objectspace relocated to our new gallery on Rose Road in 2017, we decided to set up the plinth commission which offers makers, artists and designers everything they need to make great art, including the plinth. Situated below Objectspace’s famous white-box façade, works for this space respond to the courtyard’s unique architectural conditions and remain in situ for up to 12-months.   

You may remember our inaugural commission with Warwick Freeman’s In Praise of Volcanoes, followed by Virginia Leonard’s All I want is a Face Lift  which was subsequently bought for the collection of the Gallery of New South Wales, and we are loving our current work, glowing as our visitors flow back in, Seeing is Believingby Mary-Louise Browne. 


Help us fund the next three one-of-a-kind artist plinth projects and support Objectspace through this year.

Our first three commissions to date have been made possible through the generosity of our community. This time our call for support comes at a crucial time for the gallery, as Objectspace faces a 30% cut to our programming budget related to COVID-19 – this means our courtyard commissions are under threat.

We've launched a $40,000 Boosted crowd-funding campaign to ensure we can keep these vital artist commissions in Objectspace’s beloved courtyard space.  We want to invite all fans of Objectspace to back us at this time.

With this fund, we will guarantee three artists three significant commissions over the next two years. Our courtyard commissions are Objectspace’s best resourced projects  – offering artists important opportunities to develop work. 


If we exceed our target? We keep giving to artists…

Any extra funds from this campaign will go to our exhibition budget – funding projects in our Ockham, Chartwell and Foyer gallery spaces. All funds raised through people like you will go directly to artists. That’s a promise.


How much, and how can I give?

Every drop counts. If you've ever been to an Objectspace opening, or have enjoyed a drink on us... we'd be very grateful if you bought us a round (and supported the plinth).

Pledge here.