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At Home and in the Studio: Renee Bevan

My partner's an essential worker so during isolation I’m mostly home alone with our three boys - Jasper (5), Parker (3), Coen (1), and our two dogs.

Isolation brings a lot of making of a different kind; making ramps for cars (or balls or bottoms or anything else that slides!), making lines make things on paper, make-believe, making sounds, making books, making lunch, making mess (and tidying up!), making good use of the backyard...

The workshop during isolation had mostly become a place “to find a ruler or craft knife”; yet this piece has shifted this focus once more - the boys now have an interest in this and our home as a space for making photos ... nice job on the photo in the workshop, Jasper!


Renee Bevan is a maker working in the field of contemporary jewellery. Her work engages with the personal and cultural meanings that are invested in objects through their many and varied roles in human relationships. Bevan is of European and Cook Island decent, she lives in South Auckland. 

With a Bachelor of Visual Arts from The University of Auckland (2002), her work has been shown in national and international exhibitions including Talente 2005, Schmuck2008, Ontkend! (Jewellery Unleashed), The Dudok Exhibit, 2011; Wunderruma, Galerie Handwerk, The Dowse, Auckland Art Gallery, 2014-2015 and The Language of Things, The Dowse, 2018. In 2017, Bevan was the inaugural recipient of The Blumhardt Residency.

Her work is in the New Zealand public collections of The Dowse Art Museum, Te Papa Tongarewa and The Auckland War Memorial Museum. 

Renee Bevan, making clay beads ‘Burial necklace’

Renee Bevan's home

Detail studio wall and postcard ‘Renee Bevan necklace’

Inside the studio / detail of Renee Bevan's ‘The Passing’

Research / work in progress (found necklace)

Inside the home / works by Tessa Laird

Renee Bevan inside her studio

In the backyard

Inside the studio / work in progress ‘The Rubber Band Project’

Mixing colours, Jasper, 5yrs