Urban Paradise Playground is an introduction to the work of internationally acclaimed jeweller Helen Britton.

The exhibition numbers close to 50 exquisite pieces including a body of works made specifically for this exhibition and also featuring a number of retrospective pieces which help to provide a context for Britton's innovative practice. Each of Britton's pieces is meticulously constructed and refined and includes alternative materials as diverse as plastic, glass, shells, brass and paint alongside traditional materials like silver, gold, diamonds and sapphires.


Helen Britton joins us in New Zealand as part of an International Makers Workshops series at Manukau School of Visual Arts after a busy year of international residencies and exhibitions around the world. Based full-time in Munich, Germany; Britton has developed a reputation as a maker with an eye for detail. Her works hold a fascination for the viewer, which is discussed at length in an essay by Grant Thompson for the publication accompanying the exhibition.

Helen Britton, Cranz, 2006.