The Transmogrifier Collection features works by Gisborne-based designer Katy Wallace. Each piece of furniture has been crafted using second-hand objects as the material for a newly designed object. 


This collection is the result of the ongoing project 'Transmogrifier' – an experimental process that Katy Wallace began in in 2008, and which was funded by Creative New Zealand. Each piece of furniture has been crafted using discarded and second-hand objects as the source material for a newly designed one-off object.  Wallace says of this process, "I use the Transmogrifier Machine to bring personality and emotion to the pieces I make – I want to give them a story and to engage people in that narrative".


The exhibition at Objectspace comprises 60 hand-crafted objects such as tables, chairs, drawers. Each piece of furniture reveals the maker’s highly original touch. Wallace states:

"Essentially to transmogrify is to convert one fuel into another, taking a fertile material and transforming it into a more potent form. Low value, materials (in my case discarded, broken and used furniture) are converted into high value one-off works using experimentation, design thinking, and craftsmanship as tools."


The Transmogrifier objects are both useable and collectable. Following the exhibition at Objectspace, these works will be sold at the auction house Art + Object.


Additional information on the Transmogrifier project and auction can be followed by visiting  or




A publication for this exhibition is available to view or download here.

Katy Wallace, Someone Else's Chair, 2015.

Katy Wallace, Banana Stool, 2015.