As part of Clay O'Clock: An Auckland Festival of Ceramics, Virginia Leonard will be taking part in the Clay-a-thon programme, and will talk about her practice at Objectspace on 8 November from 2 -2.30 pm. If you would like to join the tour visiting eight other galleries, please contact the Gus Fisher Gallery.


While digging in my backyard, I made a rare and important discovery.


My husband and I dug up a collection of eight unusual objects. We made contact with the Auckland Council Heritage Unit, who immediately arranged for an experienced archeologist to supervise the fieldwork and to clean and catalogue the rare and precious objects.


The most striking aspect of these works is the loose handling of form and colour. The textured surfaces have been pushed, gouged, pinched, and pulled in or out of shape. They have a gestural style of glazing that celebrates drips, cracks and globules and generates elements of 'randomness'. Resin has been used to create additional layers of controlled colour and texture.


This is an ongoing archaeological dig and it has been estimated that it could take up to two years to fully excavate the site.


It has been suggested the objects were used as gifts for important people. 

- Virginia Leonard

Virginia Leonard, The Effects of Crack, 2014.

Virginia Leonard, The Effects of Crack, 2014.