The genesis of The Bricks lies in an understanding of the development of the urban environment as both an evolutionary and entropic process - one where buildings rise to meet the needs of the urban citizen, and are adapted or destroyed when they do not. In this environment, the fundamental units of construction remain, while the forms they take are ever-evolving.


Here, the brick - the prototypical building block - is remodelled for a new context. With only minor modification, the most basic and coarse of mass-produced external objects is given pride of place at the centre of the table. What was once relegated to the outer skin of a building is positioned at the centre of the domestic space, supporting the core domestic ritual of sharing food.




Guy Hohmann graduated from Unitec with a Bachelor of Design in 2007. Following this he worked for independent design studios and small manufacturing companies and exhibited individually and with the MoAD collective. In 2011 he relocated to London to work in the fields of graphic and industrial design primarily focused on urban and transport infrastructure projects. The close engagement with the fabric of the city has heavily influenced the gestation of The Bricks.