Marlyne Jackson' installation Stuff of Life references her overwhelming belief in the idea that all things are inexplicably linked to one another.


Jackson is a maker. She has developed a broad skill base which includes, but is not restricted to, an appreciation of the handmade and domestic craft. In this particular work Jackson refers to the literal and metaphorical thread, which references the wealth of associations made possible by the process of knitting things together. Jackson sees this as an exercise in simplifying and redefining ideas. The physical works themselves become a means of funneling and sifting the vast array of incoming information Jackson is confronted with in order to make sense of the world.


Jackson’s installations push at the boundaries of accepted practice, exploring the spatial possibilities of her materials and the ideas commonly associated with them.  Her practice is incredibly hard to pin down, which is in many respects her intention. She is inviting the viewer to question what they see and to make their own connections. 

Marlyne Jackson, Stuff of Life, 2006.