Strange/Familiar is a new exhibition of sculptural ceramics by Nicholas Mullany. One group of works is made by repetitively stacking sheets of clay, which he says he "treats in a manner that is methodical and borders on the neurotic". As writer Christine Whybrew observes, Mullany constructs works that are "reminiscent of Lego creations". Another group of works features a wide selection of amorphic wall mounted objects. The result of a playful process involving contorting and moulding, Mullany's gestalt gestures are physically self evident.


Whybrew notes Mullany's affinities with visual artist Cy Twombly and ceramic artists Lucia Fontana and Gillian Lowndes. "These artists share an emphasis on intuition and irrationality in the process of making. Mullany says his working methods enable him "to create objects that are transitional in nature to navigate the often uncanny relationship that exists between the maker and the object."




Nicholas Mullany is an Otago Polytechnic trained Christchurch based ceramist.

Nicholas Mullany, Strange/Familiar, 2008.

Nicholas Mullany, Strage/Familiar, 2008.