In this window installation Melbourne-based maker Simon Cottrell brings together a collection of forms; brooch, cup, jug and container - exploring the nature of process.


"My work is a continual attempt to make objects overtly honest to their source, by not applying external language-based meaning. Instead, the ideas that are presented are derived from the nature of the objects themselves, in terms of the phenomenological nature of creative process, and also in terms of the layering of complexity and simplicity within our perceptions of material nature. I can't think of any more logical place to derive influence for the creative act, other than the nature of the act itself. These forms are by no means attempting to directly communicate this nature; this is, more simply, my approach to devising form and composition. While this is quite a cyclical dynamic process, this cyclical aspect also runs parallel to the evolutive progress of development, that moves from the resolve and making of one piece and onto the next."


Simon Cottrell and Objectspace acknowledges the support of Auckland City's Creative Communities Scheme towards its Window Installation Programme.

Simon Cottrell, Milk Jug and Cup, 2005.