Shoes are hot. Fashion curator Colleen Hill observes that, "Over the past 13 years, designer shoes have replaced “it” bags as the most important accessory—and they have in fact become central to the fashion story. Shoes are also more extreme, extravagant, and extraordinary than ever before."


The rise of footwear as the defining fashion item indicates that shoes represent far more than the simple need for protective footwear.  Sole desire brings together a selection of shoes from collectors and looks at the role shoes play in the lives of their owners. The diverse selection of footwear designs reflects the multitude of meanings shoes can have for us. From the rebellious statement of the lurid sneaker to the sculptural qualities of a Vivienne Westwood bondage boot, the shoes on display confirm that shoes are ultimately objects of our soul's desire.




A publication for this exhibition is available to view or download here.