Originating in a time before the understanding of molecules and microbes, scent was worn for its amuletic, talismanic and medicinal properties, as well as enhancing and beautifying the body - much the same as the purpose of jewellery. Scentiment is a moving image installation which incorporates a series of work of the same name.


Exploring the similarities of these two body-enhancing accessories - scent and jewellery - each piece in the Scentiment series touches the body in locations where perfume is traditionally applied; the neck, décolletage, wrist and chest; leaving behind fragrant and visual traces of their contact.




Andrea Simper is a contemporary jeweller based in Auckland.


Dancer - Georgie Goater

Filming - Shelley Hargis

Editing - Helen Breeze

Andrea Simper, Scentiment (film still), 2007.

Andrea Simper, Scentiment (film still), 2007.