As part of Objectspace's ongoing fundraising project join us for Objectmarket. 50 makers, 5 nights and an incredible opportunity to buy craft and design.

In collaboration with Ponsonby Central and to coincide with Art Week, Objectmarket is a pop-up design store of New Zealand makers. Featuring textiles, ceramics, furniture, jewellery and homewares, alongside a curated selection of craft, design and art books. 

Proceeds from sales support the extraordinary makers and designers featured in Objectmarket, and also contributes to strengthening Objectspace's ongoing work in exhibition making and publishing.

Featured makers and designers include: Gidon Bing, Monmouth Glass Studio, Ruth Castle, Areez katki, Joanna Campbell, IMO and many more.

Gidon Bing, Monmouth Glass Studio, Ruth Castle, Joanna Campbell, Areez Katki

Joanna Campbell

Ruth Castle