For this exhibition, Objectspace delves into the two-dimensional world of paintings, photographs and prints made by six contemporary artists: Kushana Bush, Elaine Campaner (Australia), Graham Fletcher, Georgie Hill, Marian Maguire, and Neil Pardington.


Object Shift brings together works that locate objects into new contexts. By representing both real and fictional objects away from their expected environments, the artists in this exhibition activate new readings about how we engage with "things" and the ways in which objects can relate to each other. Together, the works consider how exchange, arrangements and context function to grant meaning to objects. Depicting objects in unusual combinations and imagined or rarely-glimpsed spaces, these works invite viewers to re-imagine the significance of objects.


Accompanying the exhibition is a free online publication written by curator Ioana Gordon-Smith.You can view the publication here.




Saturday 12 July, 2-4pm: Shifting objects on to the page writing workshop with Tessa Laird (booking required)


Saturday 19 July, 2-4pm: Objects of still life photography workshop with Janet Lilo




A publication for this exhibition is available to view or download here.

Graham Fletcher, Untitled (Sugar Loaf Waka), 2013.

Kushana Bush, The Throat of Summer, 2011.