Silversmith Robin Bold explores the idea of 'the family silver' through mixed-media objects.   


The objects in Meta Vessel came out of an investigation into the meaning and purpose behind what was traditionally known as 'the family silver'. Various forms of silver and silversmithing have been used to reference 'the family silver' but other materials and methods of making have found their way into the work and are employed to signify notions such as fragility, strength, nurturing, origins and skills.



Robin Bold practised as a furniture designer-maker and began constructing handles and hinges for her work before training as a gold and silversmith. Bolds practice focuses on traditional silversmithing methods and the hand fabrication of objects.


In 2004 she completed a Bachelor of Fine Arts, followed by a Master of Fine Arts in Gold and Silversmithing at RMIT University, Melbourne, where she now lectures in silversmithing. Bold has exhibited internationally since 2009 and her work is represented in The Marzee Collection, Nijmegen, the Netherlands and the Wrightmann Collection in New Zealand.