Fixing the Unbroken: New making on the Vessel features the work of three silversmiths who push at the boundaries of contemporary silversmithing practice, each challenging the status quo in his own way. Following successful projects at Radiant Pavilion, Melbourne 2015 and The National in Christchurch, Objectspace presents this new and expanded iteration of Fixing the Unbroken, including new works by each of the artists.   


David Clarke (UK) reconfigures old silverware with humour and satire, breathing new life into the objects. Peter Bauhuis (Germany) utilises bimetal casting techniques to create his works, the surface of his vessels showing the flow of the mixing metals. Vito Bila (Australia) engaging in dialogue between the hand made and digital and industrial techniques, bringing them together in one piece.


Fixing the Unbroken is a unique opportunity to see the work of these practitioners in New Zealand, presenting new perspectives on vessel making, silversmithing, and the handmade.


In conjunction with Fixing the Unbroken, Objectspace and Manakau Institute of Technology present a unique opportunity for students to learn from silversmith Vito Bila (Aus) in a two-day intensive workshop to be held in February.


Objectspace presents Fixing the Unbroken: New making on the vessel in New Zealand, in collaboration with The National, Christchurch 




A publication for this exhibition is available to view or download here.

David Clarke