Best In Show profiles 21 new graduate designer/makers from Auckland University of Technology, Manukau School of Visual Arts, Unitec and Whitecliffe College of Art and Design. The brief for Best In Show asked selectors from each institution to select works by a small number of outstanding new designer/makers which could be located in the fields of craft and or design. The selectors said:


"We were guided, on the one hand, by excellence in process and outcome with respect to each student's design intentions and by the frameworks of this exhibition itself.  Hence, we have selected material rather than virtual works, though the degree programme places significant emphasis on digital time-based processes and outcomes.  And we have particularly emphasised materiality that has been processed or crafted to a high degree of finish."

- Mark Jackson, Auckland University of Technology


"The programme at MSVA is a 'visual art' degree embracing disciplines from traditional fine art subjects to design and jewellery. Students are encouraged to be lateral in their approach to the concepts they are exploring. The graduates chosen for Best In Show represent the cross-disciplinary nature of the programme and demonstrate that object making can and does come from all of the disciplines."

- Mary Curtis, Manukau School of Visual Arts


"The objects and projects selected for this show are those in which an understanding of craft underpins a sense of innovation. Not all the selected works are entirely resolved as 'products.' However their sometimes quirky forms represent both the philosophy of the individual designers and of the School of Design, Unitec."

- Douglas Lloyd-Jenkins, Unitec


"The works chosen from the Whitecliffe College of Arts and Design 2004 graduates' portfolios reflect the current blurring of traditional craft/art or applied/fine art boundaries and the challenges to defining anyone's art and design practice within a particular discipline. Under the auspices of a Fine Arts degree students consider the role of craft in their work and explore identity, memory and narrative."

- Jacquie Phipps, Whitecliffe College of Art and Design


 Objectspace is committed to introducing innovative and experimental objectmakers and their work to a broad audience, and Best In Show is an opportunity for Objectspace to do this. It is also an important opportunity for the featured designer/makers to position themselves in front of new audiences, and as they do this, Objectspace wishes them the best for their future.


Colleen Altegracia, Chris Birch, Carina Bradsma, Kerin Brooking, Andrew Curtis, Forina Fan, Rebecca Fredericks, Emma Green, Mike Grobelny, Christian Hurzeler, Lucy Luxton, Ross Malcolm, Lisa McLeod, Daniel Radford, Apryl Reilly, Victoria Sinclair, Nikki Soons, Joan Thurston, Anna Ward, Naomi Warren, Courtney Webb.

Andrew Curtis, Pink Screen, 2004.

Kerin Brooking, Hunter Label, 2004.

Courtney Webb, Kaname, 2004.