Au Revoir Marilyn Sainty presents a selection of garments designed by leading Auckland fashion designer Marilyn Sainty, who closed her workroom at the end of October 2005.


Through the telling of stories about the role and meaning that individual garments have for their owners, we can sense the lasting significance of clothing design in people's personal and social lives, a significance that transcends the cycles of fashion. A wide range of Marilyn Sainty supporters were invited to participate and the exhibition presents Marilyn Sainty works from over 50 lenders from as far away as Australia, Asia and the United States.


Curator Deborah Smith says, "You can almost map out the whole gambit of human rituals through the works and stories in Au Revoir Marilyn Sainty. This was unforeseen. There is a velvet and lace christening gown to celebrate a birth. There are debutante outfits to celebrate coming of age, silky wedding dresses, a separation skirt, party frocks, cotton travel and work clothes. We go the full circle; there is a husband's favourite skirt that was worn to his funeral and a dressing gown to help comfort a boy that was far too small to be dying."


The accompanying Au Revoir Marilyn Sainty publication contains an interview with Marilyn Sainty by Deborah Smith. In the interview Marilyn talks about starting her business, her take on the world of fashion and some of its extreme elements, why she never does fashion shows, how she designs a new work and where she gets her inspiration and the designers she most respects. The publication also contains a timeline highlighting important milestones over Marilyn's 40 years practice.


Objectspace gratefully acknowledges the support of Purfex and Scotties.

Marilyn Sainty, Blouse with Tori Ferguson screen printed text (detail), 2000. Courtesy of Gretchen Werder.