This exhibition is the result of eight participants attending a workshop given by Rian de Jong in January 2006 in Sydney, Australia.

The group came together from diverse backgrounds and interests. During the workshop the participants were encouraged to put their usual practices to one side, and to engage with fresh materials and new ideas. The group had a warm exchange and the subsequent workshop pieces revealed how far each participant could go when letting their imaginations free within a new space. The workshop 'Transportation' lends itself to this exhibition, as 8+1 travels to the home countries of each of the participants.


Sara Borgegard (SE),  Shane Hartdegen (NZ), Linda Hughes (AU), Karin Jakobsson (AU), Rian de Jong (NL), Sue Kennedy (AU), Elsa Krasniansky (NZ), Lindsay Park (NZ), Michaela Winton (AU).

Elsa Krasniansky, The Argonauts, 2006.