As part of her residency in Caravannex, Jade Townsend has created a collaborative project, Hauhake, a site of poetic and open-ended compositions of objects.

Using Hone Tuwhare’s poem Hotere and the drawings Hotere contributed to poetry books as a theoretical framework (inspiration), Jade has invited a number of makers and artists to contribute a creative response, including ceramics, weaving, writing and drawing.

As part of Hauhake, Jade  will be hosting a wānanga on Friday 4 December at Objectspace.  Expanding on some of the contributors to the project, the wānanga will explore ideas and responses to collective remembering and collective imagining. 

Jade will lead a scent workshop with permission from Sean Miles who devised the kaupapa.

Hana Pera Aoake will lead a talk discussing the origins of the word Maaori and how and when this word linguistically became a point of difference.

Light refreshments will be provided. RSVP to

Maia McDonald