The Caravannex is mobile architecture in action, transforming to fulfil many different functions. Unlike the classic New Zealand caravan, it is designed to holiday away and then return home to become a natural architectural extension of a house or building – Caravan + annex. In a year when we have spent most of our time at home and very little of our time on holiday, Caravannex offers a new alternative to a home away from home.

Make Yourself at Home: A Caravannex Residency

This residency invites practitioners to make themselves at home in Caravannex for a week, working within the space and changing the interior to suit the needs of their practice. The flexibility of the architecture allows for different interpretations and configurations, and is most suitable for those working in digital, literary, drawing, sound, lens, or fibre based mediums.

Four creative practitioners will be invited to take residence in the Caravannex during its stay in Objectspace’s courtyard.

As part of the residency, participants will be asked to document how they made themselves at home and reflect on what makes a space feel familiar and comfortable.

Week One: 24 November – 29 November
Margaret Lewis and Bhavesh Bhuthadia

Focussed on re-contextualising craft, Margaret Lewis takes stitch craft from the traditional to the contemporary in its use of non-traditional materials.  Hello, I'm ...slightly awkward is a project by Margaret about meeting new people, which unless you’re a natural at networking, can be awkward and embarrassing. So Margaret aims to take the stress out of this with a name badge to break the ice. Visit Margaret as she works on some welcoming banners, and hosts sewing sessions at the following times:

Tuesday 24 Nov // 1pm - 5pm
Friday 27 Nov // 1pm - 5pm 
Saturday 28 Nov // 10am - 2pm
Sunday 29 Nov // 10am - 1pm

Week Two: 30 November – 6 December
Jade Townsend

As with this project, Jade Townsend’s practice aims to create the motifs and symbolism to guide us into an indigenous future. Hauhake is a collective remembering project and response to Hone Tuwhare’s poem “Hotere” and the drawings Ralph Hotere contributed to poetry books. 25 artists in one site over seven days. Jade Townsend will be providing the manaakitanga for visitors. She will kōrero to the kaupapa and process of the project, introducing you to new artworks and sharing the background of the artists involved. She would love to hear any stories or see any objects which relate to Hauhake which celebrates the friendship and mahi of Hone Tuwhare and Ralph Hotere. There will be things to taste, drink, touch, wear and smell. Jade will be onsite daily from 12pm, the door will be open and all welcome. Creating new ways of unity that haven’t been explored before through an exploration of origin, whakapapa, materiality, navigation and history.

Week Three: 8 December – 13 December 
Lizzy Leckie

Lizzy Leckie is a weaver from Aotearoa, New Zealand who produces hats, kete and sculptural pieces made from harakeke and other natural fibres. She has worked with Māori and Kiribati weavers learning traditional weaving techniques. Lizzy is project manager for Tungaru: The Kiribati Project. She not only works weaving fibre but also weaves together people, communities and their stories.

Week Four: 15 December – 20 December Bronwyn Lloyd

Bronwyn Lloyd is an art writer and crafter who lives in Auckland. A selection of her needlepoint amulets and charms will be on show in the Summer Salon exhibition at Masterworks from 21 November. Bronwyn’s time in residence in the Caravannex will be spent planning next year's writing and making projects. Given that she will be the final maker in residence before Christmas, she plans to spend each afternoon making Log Cabin patchwork reusable gift-wrap from fabric scraps. Visitors can drop by any afternoon during her residency and learn how to make this quick, simple, and environmentally conscious craft that requires only basic hand-sewing skills. Free kits will be available for visitors to make a 40cm square wrapping cloth.


Katy Wallace lives and works with partner Paulus McKinnon.

Katy has a long career of designing and creating and has been a regular exhibitor at Objectspace. She has a Master’s Degree in Art and Design and has taught at both Unitec and AUT in the past. Her furniture works are held in numerous collections and museums and have been exhibited around New Zealand. Katy’s work moves between concept based, to commercial design, focussing on furniture, spatial, and sculptural outcomes. Explorations of making and using are always key elements in her design process.

Katy has worked with husband and creative partner Paulus McKinnon to realise the Caravannex project. Paulus is a creative designer and artist with a Bachelor of Design, substantial building experience, and qualifications in construction and graphic signwriting.

Katy and Paulus are based in Turanganui-a-Kiwa (Gisborne), working from their home studio on a variety of local and national projects.

Caravennex was made possible by Creative New Zealand. 

Katy Wallace, Caravannex. Photographer: Thomas Teutenberg

Katy Wallace, Caravannex. Photographer: Thomas Teutenberg

Katy Wallace, Caravannex. Photographer: Thomas Teutenberg