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10 Stories: Writing about Architecture (5)

John Walsh (Ed.)

Entrants into the 2015 Warren Trust Awards for Architectural Writing were asked to: 'Select a building or urban space you have enjoyed being in. What do you like about the building or place, for example, its design or layout, the way it relates to its setting, and the materials it is made from? Why do you think the building or space works so well?' Intentionally, the topic invited a personal response (which any of us can make), rather than a technical appreciation (which not all of us are equipped to provide).


As this selection of ten of the best essays shows, inspiration came from a wide variety of sites: houses built by the writers' parents in Hokitika, Marlborough and Warkworth; a sports stadium in Christchurch and a food emporium in Wellington; a studio on a hillside in Lyttelton and a cottage in the grounds of a hospital in Auckland, a war memorial in Berlin and an apartment building in Tokyo; and a grungy bathroom, somewhere in a New Zealand suburb.




New Zealand Institute of Architects

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