The Single Object At Home Edition: Bubble Wands

I know this object is ugly but it’s not about that.  On day six of isolation, I’m planning a portrait project which requires props: bubble solution and bubble wands. A YouTube tutorial tells me to make a bubble wand you’ll need pipe cleaners, a glue gun and kebab sticks. So in the studio/home office/bedroom I make do with what materials I have on hand and use my glue gun to attach pipe cleaners to a plastic fork. When I’m done, just Iike a child who comes home with their macaroni self-portrait, I am pleased with what I’ve made. I’m not an essential worker but essentially I need something to do.

I take pride in my observation skills and I live opposite a well-used park. By day 16 I’ve made daily notes on park user activity, dog walkers and their owners, I am the lead detective on Case Nothing. At the very least making something for my photo shoot gives everyone a break from that. 



Edith Amituanai is a photographer based in Auckland. Since 2003 she has photographed people, their interiors and streets from Flaxmere, Ranui, Montpellier to Las Vegas. In 2019 Amituanai was made a member of the New Zealand Order of Merit for her services to photography and community and the Adam Art Gallery presented Double Take, a survey exhibition and publication of Amituanai’s work since 2003. She is represented by Anna Miles Gallery.

Bubble wands. Image: Edith Amituanai

Bubble wands. Image: Edith Amituanai