At Home and in the Studio with Simon Farrell-Green

Our daughter Marti just turned three, and for the past year she’s been increasingly obsessed with taking photos on our phones. This has been a welcome distraction from our lockdown – I lost my job a month or so back; it was the best one I’ve ever had.

At first I thought it would all be okay – a bold new dawn for media! Then I got really flat and despondent about both the future of publishing, and my own career. Now I’m just impatient to get on with things. Marti’s shots, I think, capture something of our lockdown: slow days, lots of cooking, lots of killing time… and planning the next thing. Watch this space.



Simon Farrell-Green is the former editor of HOME magazine, which closed when Bauer Media pulled out of New Zealand on April 2. He started as a staff writer on Metro magazine and has worked for titles around the world including Monocle and Esquire; before HOME he ran the cult Auckland food blog Eat Here Now.

Dutch pancakes – a regular lockdown breakfast.

Simon and Ira hanging out playing Lego.

Dummies (yes, she still has some) and tomatoes: two of Marti's favourite things.

Shadow: Marti.

Simon Farrell-Green, Hot Wheels with Ira.

Plasters on knees and books.

SFG in the kitchen, as per.