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Vita Cochrane and Peter Lorimer (2007)

Vita Cochrane and Peter Lorimer (2007)

Maker: Vita Cochran

Glove Compartment Bag (2007)

$950.00 (Edition of 10)

New Yorker columnist Andrea Lee has written “…for the past several years we have been living in a gilded age of handbags: a rococo time of profligacy , opulence, heights of stylistic genius and depths of vulgarity, but, above all, a time of exponential proliferation and vitality . Since the turn of the millennium, the role of the handbag has changed from that of a useful but peripheral accessory to the absolute object of desire.”

Objectspace Limited Editions is delighted to offer two Vita Cochran ‘objects of desire’ that embody the genius, opulence and wit of our age. Bags that are literally hand-bags: accessories made from accessories. Cochran has gathered neglected nylon gloves from the 1950s and 1960s and dyed, embroidered and beaded them, in order to put them to new use.

Vita Cochran is a distinguished maker whose work is known for its hand decoration, use of carefully selected vintage materials, distinctive colour and stylish wit. Her work is represented in the collections of the New Dowse, Otago Museum and Te Papa Tongarewa.

The Glove Compartment Bag is a beaded evening bag made from a now-discarded part of traditional evening dress. It merges the functions of handbags and gloves, so that gloves become pockets and part of the bag’s adornment is a pair of detachable functioning gloves.

Maker: Vita Cochran

Hand Work Bag (2007)

$950.00 (Edition of 10)

The Hand Work Bag is made of twelve pairs of gloves, their fingers embroidered and arranged like feathers. Gloves and embroidery ceased to be a part of everyday life at about the same time, the mid-1960s. So this bag is a kind of homage to hands that wore gloves, wasted nothing, worked and embroidered. Each bag is accompanied by a pair of wearable ‘wrists’ made from off-cuts of the gloves.

Maker: Peter Lorimer

Knives (2007)

$2,500.00 (Edition of 15)

“As a working chef, my choice of knife is crucial because a knife is more than simply a blade; it’s an extension of one’s hands and fingers. I’ve been ‘collecting’ Peter Lorimer’s beautiful artisan knives for 5 years or so now and I have them in all sorts of shapes and sizes. What I love about this collection he’s created for Objectspace is their quirkiness. In a way Peter has removed what soft edges a knife has and created very angular, but still practical, tools. The two cleaver shaped ones will chop and shred their way through vegetables and fruit at a great speed, and the gorgeous paring knife looks ready for action. Peter’s knives are to be coveted, passed on through the generations, but they also need to be used everyday.” – Peter Gordon

These knives are a new design executed in Damascus steel which is forged from steel, iron and nickel then folded repeatedly until there are 400 layers. The pattern in each blade is unique to that knife and is only realised through etching. The composition of the steel as well as the grinding and hardening ensures the knife will hold its edge. Traditionally Damascus steel was used in sword-making, producing blades legendary for their sharpness and strength.

Peter Lorimer is a Christchurch based knifemaker who, in the 15 years he has been making knives, has established an international reputation. Most of his production is bespoke and his clients are principally professional chefs.