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Window Gallery

  • Rejuice 2007

    Maker: Jane Whitten
    Materials: fruit juice cartons, cotton
    Courtesy of the artist
  • Flight 2007

    Maker: Jane Whitten
    Materials: plastic airline coffee spoons, telephone wire
    Courtesy of the artist
  • No, really? 2007

    Maker: Jane Whitten
    Materials: soft drink bottle, monofilament
    Courtesy of the artist


19 May 2007 - 16 June 2007

A self confessed ‘collector and organizer,' Whitten is an established Canberra based artist whose work has attracted considerable attention in both Australia and North America.

Basketry is the basis of this installation and Whitten's creative practice.
Whitten considers any material fair game, ‘either by itself or in combination with other elements, including rust caused by weathering on my back step.' 

Whitten's concern for the environment is present in these works, playing ‘an important, often subconscious, part in the materials of choice and the final forms of my baskets.