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Main Gallery

  • Best in Show 2013

  • Untitled 2012

    Maker: Jisu Jeon
    Materials: stoneware,earthenware
    Courtesy of the maker
  • Easy Link Wheelchair Transference System 2012

    Maker: Alex Styants
    Materials: prototype: aluminium, rubber, neoprene, foam
    Courtesy of the designer
  • Surface Disclosures 2012

    Maker: Amanda Flood
    Materials: liquid enamel, copper, silver
    courtesy of the maker
  • Surface Disclosures 2012

    Maker: Amanda Flood
    Materials: installation image
    Courtesy of the maker
  • Minimal Running Footwear 2012

    Maker: Reid Douglas
    Materials: prototype: rubber, neoprene, elastic, felt
    Courtesy of the designer
  • One size fits none (waist) 2012

    Maker: One size fits none (waist)
    Materials: spandex, cotton thread, polyfill, nylon
    Courtesy of the maker
  • Where am I going? 2012

    Maker: Nirtika Niranjan
    Materials: latex, urethane rubber
    Courtesy of the designer
  • Immaterial 2012

    Maker: Donna Cleveland
    Materials: wool, alpaca
    Courtesy of the designer
  • 2012

    Maker: Close quarters: Eva Charlton, Gabi Lardies , Grant Priest and Angelika Smuga
    Materials: graphic design
    Courtesy of the designers
  • E3F (Efficient, Ergonomic, Electric Fence) 2012

    Maker: Dean Immers
    Materials: prototype
    Courtesy of the designer
  • Dragon Shadows 2012

    Maker: Melanie Tan
    Materials: silk
    Courtesy of the designer
  • Disruptive Behaviour 2012

    Maker: Matt Purcell
    Materials: prototype: plaster, foil
    Courtesy of the designer
  • Illuminating Textile Sculptures 2012

    Maker: HyunJin Yun
    Materials: knitted monofilament, retro reflective yarn, UV reactive thread, fibre optic strands
    Courtesy of the designer
  • Wildenstein 2012

    Maker: Joshua Fache
    Materials: laser-cut leather
    Courtesy of the designer
  • Genus: Rosebank 2012

    Maker: Dorothy de Lautour
    Materials: installation view
    Courtesy of the maker
  • Genus: Rosebank 2012

    Maker: Dorothy de Lautour
    Materials: sterling silver, cast silver, plastic tail-lights
    Courtesy of the maker
  • KAPOW! 2012

    Maker: Charlotte Cho
    Materials: cotton, linen. Yarns: polyester, wool, nylon
    courtesy of the designer
  • First Breath 2012

    Maker: Mark Wu
    Materials: prototype: plastic
    courtesy of the designer
  • Untitled (chain reaction) 2012

    Maker: Tineke Jansen
    Materials: rubber, thread, latex gels
    courtesy of the maker
  • LightSpace 2012

    Maker: Jade Doel
    Materials: prototype: acrylic, Echopanel, wire rope, wood
    Courtesy of the designer
  • Installation view

  • Installation view

  • Installation view

Best in Show 2013

02 February 2013 - 02 March 2013

Best in Show is Objectspace's annual graduate exhibition showcasing a selection of outstanding work in the fields of Applied Arts and Design. Now in its ninth year, Best in Show 2013 functions as a platform for students launching their careers, while also providing an opportunity for the public to view a range of the latest exciting work to emerge from tertiary organisations.

The selection for 2013 features the work of 21 students from the Auckland region. Representing the fields of ceramics, fashion, graphic design, jewellery, product design, and textiles, these students have addressed a range of ideas, including individual and local identity, mobility and health, impermanence, and the relationship between traditional and innovative technologies. Across these various disciplines, the students have created works, which are characterised by innovation, command of a medium or process, and strong visual impact.

The depth of enquiry and quality of the work is indicative of the students' commitment to their chosen areas of practice. Future plans for the next several years include: travel, collaboration as a form of sustainability, establishing new businesses, and participating in artist residencies. Objectspace is delighted that a number of previous Best in Show exhibitors have gone on to receive prominent opportunities at both a national and international level . The level of craftsmanship and sophistication in the work of this year's selected students bodes well for similar success in their futures also.

Objectspace would like to congratulate and thank all students and staff who contributed to Best In Show 2013. Students are from: AUT University (Te Wänanga Aronui o Tämaki Tämaki Makaurau), Hungry Creek Art and Craft School, Massey University (Te Kunenga ki Pürehuroa), Unitec (Te Whare Wänanga o Wairaka), and Whitecliffe College of Arts & Design.