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  • Installation image

    Courtesy of the artist
  • Installation image

    Courtesy of the artist

Albino Wood in Blue Ribbon

27 January 2007 - 03 March 2007

Miniaturised and stylised trinkets of faux nature, intended as jewellery to be worn and possessed, Dubrau’s objects bring to mind accessories such as fox furs, ties and scarves. Enmeshed in make-believe, jewellery relishes nature’s capacity to incite curiosity, wonder and awe.

Dubrau’s artificial logs of embellished porcelain and wool are objects far removed from the death and decay of nature’s cycles. In these pieces, the sophisticated and the simple are combined; visually juxtaposing the handmade with the elegant, the detailed with the awkward.
Yasmin Dubrau is represented by Anna Miles Gallery.